Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself Boat Works

Don't pay high yard labor rates or be stuck with buying expensive supplies. Do the work yourself or get help from tradesmen you hire. 

Rules and Rates:

Rates are $10/ft to haul, block and launch. $25 per day for lay time.

  1. Owners should hire licensed and insured contractors to work on their boats.
  2. Owners are responsible, and assume liability, for all guests, helpers and uninsured contractors while on Yacht Basin property. They must be accompanied by the Owner unless arranged for with the management.
  3. Owners should inspect and give final approval to the placement of the lifting straps before lifting may begin.
  4. No smoking or drinking alcohol allowed in the boatyard.
  5. All debris must be swept up and placed in the dumpster as soon as possible. Overspray, dust and sanding materials must not be allowed to affect others. Hazardous materials must be handled safely and disposed of properly by the owner.
  6. Please respect the residential nature of this neighborhood. Keep noise at a minimum and avoid noise entirely after working hours - 8:00 AM to 6 PM, Monday thru Saturday.